Prof. Vladimir F. Tishkin
Institute for Mathematical Modeling Russian Academy of Sciences
4A Miusskaya square, office 212
Moscow, 125047, Russia
(+7 499) 972-1791
Dr. Marina E. Ladonkina
4A Miusskaya square, office 207
Moscow, 125047, Russia
(+7 499) 791-2822
Dr. Nadezhda G. Proncheva
4A Miusskaya square, office 201
Moscow, 125047, Russia
(+7 495) 250-7887
Submission of materials:


Proceedings must be prepared in corresponding with following instructions. The deadline for submitting of proceedings is November 25, 2010. Post deadline submissions may fail to be included. Send your proceedings via email with a subject heading of "Proceedings_IWPCTM12" to e-mail address iwpctm12@imamod.ru.